Kantor Portrait Prize


Peter Batey OAM hung in the Kantor Prize at the Ballarat International Photo Biennale recently.

Peter Batey OAM is a pioneer of Australian theatre, an accomplished Director, Playright, Actor, Writer and Administrator who has been influential in the development of modern Australian Theatre and the arts.

Peter was a founding member of the Melbourne Theatre Company, the Artistic Director of the South Australian Theatre Company and the first Director of the Victorian Arts Council.

He has directed over 130 productions from a variety of genres earning rave reviews and huge box office success. His productions have had a major influence on the development of contemporary Australian Theatre.

Peter has lived in regional NSW for a number of years and has continued his passion by bringing culture to the “bush” including the “Bald Archys” prize.
“The Bald Archys” was created with the purpose to satirize similar art prizes, yet now has now become renowned for its unique and controversial depictions of Australians involved in topical events in politics and media.

Peter was awarded an OAM in 1999 for services to the arts and the community. I chose to photograph Peter in his home in Coolac NSW surrounded by his unique art collection, his dog Jock and Cockatoo Maude.